It’s all about the soul of snowboarding. Making turns.

The SOUL will take you where the joy of carving lives. It is a real carving toy for softboot riders.
Easy carving. High performance carving. Just carving. When you feel the edge, the speed and the wind in your face.
Come and feel the soul of snowboarding. Available in these lengths: 149, 154, 159 and 59 FAT, 164

The name of the board model is SOUL. This means passion from deep inner heart and being one with the activity you do.
Our SG SOUL board is the symbol for being ONE with riding out of deep passion. Being in the flow of snowboarding.
This board SOUL will represent the essence of snowboarding.

In the SOUL graphics this spirit should be remembered. The graphics as representative of the SOUL spirit everywhere.
You can shop your SOUL from SG SNOWBOARDS here.

The Falcon

The SG SOUL 2020/22 is featuring “The Falcon”.

The falcon is the fastest animal on Earth. It is a symbol of the the light. It stands for the sun, for power and for concentration on the goal. The falcon also stands for freedom of soul and power of mind. Speed and power are his features.

The falcon has been the bird of kings and represents mastery of something. The Falcon is known for determination, a sharp eye and speed. His tapered wings enable him to fly at highest speeds and rapidly change direction.

Check out the SG SOUL, ride it and feel the energy of the falcon. Feel focus, speed, and the mastery of the turn. Fly like the falcon and enjoy the magic of carving.

The Wolf

For the 19-20 SOUL edition we have chosen The Wolf. The wolf is a powerful archetype. It stands for speed, strength, loyalty and mythic power. Feel this and hold it inside with you – then you are the right choice for SOUL.

Bruce Lee

The graphics of SOUL 2018/19 is featuring Lee Jun-fan, aka Bruce Lee. Who has not heard of the master of Martial Arts? Bruce Lee, one of the most spectacular masters of all times, a philosopher, an icon of the 20th century. He stands for internal Truth and for the Flow. Truth in in every move he takes and SOUL in everything he does. Excellence without compromise.

Sitting Bull

2017/18 the picture of Sitting Bull, famous Hunkpapa-Lakota leader, Native of North America who defend their majestic wide nature against the exploitation, subjugation and greed. SOUL and pride of being a native connected to the Big Nature.

Guy Fawkes

2016/17 the mask of Guy Fawkes, (known in the movie Vendetta) representing the passion for justice and rebellion against the injustice in the history of man. (Today represented by the Anonymous Movement against international Bank Mafia.) SOUL against financial greed.