È la tavola da carving che avete sempre sognato! Ha le doti di stabilità e tenuta di una vera tavola alpina, unite ad una straordinaria maneggevolezza. Una tavola veloce, reattiva e facile da controllare, che garantisce il massimo divertimento in ogni condizione.


150 | 157 | 163 | 170 | 175 | 180




  • SG Selet Beech Core
  • Triax Glass Setup
  • MultiTech Dampening
  • Advanced Sidecut
  • Aluminium Tail Bar
  • RCR Rocker
  • 4×2 Standard Insert Pattern
  • NanoHighspeed® Base
  • Stone Grind



(measures in mm)
FULL CARVE505763707580
Overall Length150015701630170017501800
Running Length133014001460153015801630
Nose Length120120120120120120
Tail Length505050505050
Nose Width250251260251245252
Waist Width190190203199190203
Tail Width230231240228222227
Sidecut Radius (1)94501000011800157001530019200
Stance Range420-540440-560460-580460-580460-580460-580
Insert Pattern4×24×24×24×24×24×2
Suggested Settings
Reference Stance480500500500500500
Angles Front45°-57°45°-57°45°-57°45°-57°45°-57°45°-57°
Angles Back43°-54°43°-54°43°-54°43°-54°43°-54°43°-54°
Edge Tuning Base0,5°-1°0,5°-1°0,5°-1°0,5°-1°0,5°-1°0,5°-1°
Edge Tuning Base87°-88°87°-88°87°-88°87°-88°87°-88°87°-88°

(1) Average of three different, progressive radii.

Adas Wolk (NZL) - FULL CARVE 170


Please pass on my super-positive feedback to Sigi. I rode my new 170 Full Carve over the weekend here in NZ, and loved it!!! Was definitely more ‘snappy’ and responsive than my old (shorter) Oxygen Proton, I think I am going to be very happy with her…J I also found I was able to carve for longer in the day – it wasn’t as tiring as my old board, as the turn initiation was a lot easier. Looking forward to getting her on to some lovely wide open corduroy of Aspen Snowmass in Feb…

Thanks again,

Lenia (GRE) - FULL CARVE 175


My name is Lenia and I am from Greece. Last year I bought a board from you namely full carve 175 and the first time I rode really shocking! this year I rode it many more times …………. really are no words for what I felt every time. is the first time after so many years I do snowboard and i feel comfortable and confident on the board! I am sure that these words you have heard hundreds of times I know that I never had the opportunity to train with coach but every time just trying to do the best with what material I had on my feet!

so I want to say a big thank you for how much better I became and how much I enjoyed the snowboard thanks to you!

Sorry for my English
again a big thank you!

many many many kiseseese from Greece

Rider Lenia

Markus Fehrle (GER) - FULL CARVE 175


das Board ist angekommen, ich strahle wie ein Honigkuchenpferd und freue mich! Vielen Dank nochmals für das schöne Wochenende, den Service und die kompetente Beratung! S E N S A T I O N E L L ! ! ! Einziger Wermutstropfen: Meine Frau Angelika ist ein bissle gram, dass ich meinem neuen Board mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenke als ihr (…).

Herzliche Grüße sendet euch,
Markus Fehrle

Florian Hoppel (AUT) - FULL CARVE

Hallo Leute,

ich wollte mal persönlich bei euch vorsprechen und mich dafür bedanken, dass ihr weiterhin so geile Boards für unseren tollen Sport auf den Markt bringt. Zur neuen Palette muss ich wirklich gratulieren. Im Speziellen das Full Carve hat’s mir angetan. Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis bei dem Brett ist unglaublich. So etwas braucht der Markt. Damit geht alles. Eng, weit, schnell, langsam, Eis, Sulz… Wahnsinn! Die neuen Shapes sind eine echte Revolution. Wenn ihr so weitermacht wird das Carven so schnell nicht aussterben!

LG Florian

Guillaume Labetoule (FRA) - FULL CARVE 180


I am very, very happy with this board, perfect for carving and extreme carving, easy, powerful, wonderful snowboard for the price.
Thank you very much!