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SG SNOWBOARDS Naoki Kanematsu Full Race Pro Team 2020-21 Hakuba Goryu Japan photo SG Japan Gamichan

Do you know how this feels? The perfect line behind you, the clear air brushing your skin, and the adrenaline smile on your face. Discover new snowboards to shred the upcoming winter. SG SNOWBOARDS offers Alpine Snowboards, Raceboards, Carvingboards, Freerideboards and Splitboards. Hardboot and softboot boards for every mountain. Made in Austria.

Best customer service

Get in touch with our customer service and find the perfect snowboard for your next ride. Please let us know your height, weight and shoe size. Tell us about your favourite terrain (slope, backcountry…) and your preferred riding radius. We are sure, we have the perfect SG snowboard for you. Your next quality time on snow is guaranteed.

Please have a look at our SG SNOWBOARDS Range 2020-21 on our website or in our webshop.

Contact our customer service by e-mail: mail@sgsnowboards.com

Rider: @naoki_070 Naoki Kanematsu | Deck: Full Race Pro Team 2020-21 | Location: Hakuba Goryu, Japan | Photo: Gamichan

SG SNOWBOARDS Range 2020-21


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