sg snowboards by sigi grabner


Alpine Snowboards, Raceboards and Freeride Snowboards for every mountain!

The Edge is our Home: Where Momentum, Speed and Force are one.

The edge is a sacred place. Here you are one with your snowboard, the mountain, the wind and the snow.
The edge grabs hold and then you feel how it accelerates, you feel speed, you feel power,
you feel „it“ happen – you and the Forces are one. A Moment in Time.

This moment when you escape Earth’s gravity, a sensation of strength and peace seizes you and you seem to fly. It’s this incredible feeling of freedom when you carve the edge, we snowboarders can’t get enough.

What lasts? It is the perfect line behind you, the clear air brushing your skin, and the Adrenaline smile on your face. For all riders who share our love for the edge, we have given our soul into developing the new SG SNOWBOARDS Collection.

We are Snowboarders.

Enjoy Riding and Stay Free!