Have a look at our SG SNOWBOARDS FREE SOLO collection – from 2008 to 2017. The perfect board for the perfect line! FREE SOLO – the name comes from the freeclimbing scene, it means climbing a route without technical aids, completely on your own. Highly experienced and professional climbers climb a route in this way while experiencing a high intensity of life. The first line to draw in a virgin powder slope, alone with yourself and the world – this is the real dream of every snowboarder. Maximum joy for hours riding through deep snow and untouched terrain. Our SG FREE SOLO series is dedicated to this snowboarders’ dream of epic riding on the mountain. Each year we choose a big mountain, where our riders have experienced this great feeling (and tell us bright-eyed stories about) and add it to the FREE SOLO board series. Check out the GPS coordinates on each FREE SOLO edition indicating the selected line.


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